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Mobile Web Systems - Development and Testing

Web Marketing Fundamentals

Mobile Web Systems - Development and Testing (Hands-On)

Smart-phones and Tablet computers are currently undergoing explosive growth. Both devices represent significant mechanisms for connecting to the Internet, with mobile systems expected to overtake fixed Internet access globally by 2016.

Web content that was once primarily accessed on desktop PC is fast shifting to mobile devices, and this change in access patterns has now reached a stage that all organizations can no longer afford to ignore. However, the World Wide Web accessed via mobile devices has specific design requirements. Just because one can see a 'desktop' Website on a mobile system does not mean it is mobile-friendly and useful.

The Hong Kong Mobile Web Systems Development and Testing training course introduces significant factors and features essential for efficient design and implementation of mobile Web systems. Attendees will acquire, from the training seminar, a thorough understanding of mobile Web systems architecture, a clear view of mobile Web design issues, and a practical process to effectively implement as well as test their mobile Web systems. The Internet training workshops will demonstrate how to design, develop and test mobile friendly
Responsive Web Sites, ensuring that all users will derive the best possible mobile Web system usage.

This Mobile Web Systems hands-on development and testing course is suitable for Project Managers, Web Designers, Developers, and Programmers who need to acquire the knowledge, as well as experience of mobile Web systems design, development and testing in order to effectively expand their corporate presence to the mobile device environment. Training course attendees will learn about Mobile Web Systems encompassing:

  •   Mobile System Architectures
  •   Mobile Web System Design Features
  •   Developing Mobile "Responsive Web Sites"
  •   Mobile Ready Conversion of Desktop Websites
  •   Mobile Web System Testing Strategies and Planning
  •   Mobile Device Web Performance Testing

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Web Marketing Fundamentals (Hands-On)

The potential of using the Web to market businesses, products and services, regionally as well as internationally on the Internet, in a rapid and profitable manner is massive. However, there are multifarious factors that need to be considered and leveraged for successful Web marketing to be accomplished; there is no single Internet element or approach involved!

Successful marketing on the Internet involves an integrated approach that includes developing an effective marketing plan, meeting challenges of search engine and directory promotions, facilitating a highly personalised Web-based service that concentrates on customer relationship management, exploiting existing mass information distribution channels to rapidly disseminate marketing messages using viral marketing techniques, and very importantly, to measure as well as evaluate the effectiveness of any Web marketing strategy employed.

The Web Marketing Fundamentals training seminar in Hong Kong deals with important online marketing concepts and procedures. It is a practical, hands-on Internet business marketing training course where attendees will have the opportunity to experience the latest tools and techniques currently used by successful Web based enterprises. This marketing training course is suitable for all who are interested in exploiting the World Wide Web to extend their business operations regionally as well as internationally in a rapid, inexpensive and effective manner. It will be of special benefit to business management and marketing professionals.

Attendees of the Web Marketing Fundamentals training course will learn how to:

  •   Apply Essential Web Marketing Techniques
  •   Develop Efficient Online Web Marketing Plans
  •   Conduct Wide Ranging Search Engine and Directory Marketing
  •   Implement Search Engine Optimizations and Targeted Directory Submissions
  •   Deploy Personalised Web-based Marketing
  •   Exploit Viral Techniques for Rapid, Large Scale Web Marketing
  •   Measure and Evaluate Web Marketing Effectiveness

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