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Web Applications : Testing & Security

Web Application Testing : Principles & Practice (Hands-On)
Web 應用程序測試:理論與實踐

Web applications have a different risk profile compared to other computing environments. Typically, Web application developers have to deal with shorter project release timescales, changing technologies, disparate hardware as well as software platforms, and an uncontrolled user base of Websites that could run into millions involving varied as well as critical end user applications such as online banking, e-commerce management, etc. The combination of these factors ultimately affects the functionality, security and performance of any dynamic, application driven Website.

Web based applications reside on networks and involves the interoperations of many different elements - operating systems, browsers, hardware platforms, communication protocols, etc. Web application testing, therefore, represents a significant challenge because it is a complex, high-risk process since it requires understanding of the operational strengths and weaknesses of multiple, interacting hardware and software systems supporting a Web site, the collective use of appropriate test cases, and the deployment of specialist Web app testing tools.

This Hong Kong Web Application training course addresses fully the issues related to Web-based applications testing. It provides training seminar attendees with the knowledge as well as practical skills, through Web app testing workshops specifically designed to identify, plan and carry out different forms of Web applications testing; these include significant
 'functional' + 'security' + 'performance'  tests.

The Web Application Testing hands-on training course is suitable for System Testers, Software Engineers, Security Analysts, Web Auditors and Quality Assurance Managers. HK training course attendees will be coached into the intricacies of Web Application Testing encompassing:

  •   Threats and Risks
  •   Test Components
  •   Testing Strategies
  •   Test Planning
  •   Test Cases, Scripts and Suites
  •   Functional Testing
  •   Security Testing
  •   Performance Testing
  •   Specialist Testing Tools

Web Application Security : Hacker Attacks & Defense (Hands-On)
Web 應用程序安全:黑客攻擊和防禦

Web-based applications are being routinely incorporated in Websites to facilitate an extensive and growing range of online usage. Currently, hackers are aggressively targeting Web application security vulnerabilities associated with Web sites to break into HK computers and networks, steal confidential information, destroy existing data resources, install malicious software, etc., hence compromising an organization's security integrity.

Whether a Website is concerned with sensitive e-commerce transactions, database manipulations, or any other information processing activity, Web-based apps that are involved can expose threats to an organization that may have never been considered. As a consequence, HK organizations must integrate robust security measures into their Web applications.

This Hong Kong Web Application Security training course enables attendees to learn how hacker attacks occur via Web sites, identifies Web-based app attack categories, and the hacking training workshops demonstrate various Web application security tools and techniques to test as well as defend Websites from exploitation of Web application security vulnerabilities.

The Web Application Security hands-on training course is suitable for Web Application Developers, Analysts, Infrastructure Security Professionals, IT Managers and Consultants from all types of organizations, who are interested in securing their Web applications, Websites and Web server operations. HK training course attendees will be coached into the intricacies of Web Application Security encompassing:

  •   Web Server and Website Security Analysis
  •   Web Application Threats and Vulnerabilities Analysis
  •   Web Application Hacking Types and Preventions
  •   Secure Web Application Implementation
  •   Effective Web Application Security Strategies

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