Professional Development Hong Kong: Leadership + Business + Management + Personal Skills + IT / Information & Computer Technology Training Courses Hong Kong, China. Programmes For Corporate & Employee Development in HK, China & Asia Pacific Region

Professional Development Training Courses

Leadership and Management Skills

Sales and Selling Skills

Communication Skills

Specialty Skills

Personal Effectiveness

Conflict Management Skills

IT • Web • Cloud Computing

Project Management Skills
Leadership and Management Skills Development   
Mastering Strategy and Turning Strategy into Results
Leadership Skills
Innovations in Leadership
Survival Skills for Managers and Supervisors
Managing People for Win-Win Results
Key to Engaging Your Workforce
Change Management
Nurturing your Team
Leading Virtual Teams Effectively
Towards a High Performance Team
Coaching and Motivating your Work Team
Developing Team Effectiveness and Collaboration
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Sales and Selling Skills Development
Customer Focused Prospecting
Consultative Selling Skills
Telephone Selling Skills
Sales Coaching
Expert Sales Strategy
Face-to-Face Selling Skills
Key Account Management
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Specialty Skills Development
Win-Win Negotiation Skills ĹͧPޥ
Influencing Skills to Power Up Persuasion
Influencing and Negotiation Skills
Negotiating Skills for Buyers
Negotiation Workshop for Merchandisers
Interviewing Skills
Successful Interviewing
6-Star Customer Service Excellence
Customer Service Skills
Customer Service and Complaint Handling
Web Marketing Fundamentals
Marketing Creativity
Coaching and Mentoring Skills
Finance for Non-Finance Executives
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Communication Skills Development
Presentation and Communication Skills
Storytelling for Effective Presentation
Persuasive Presentation Skills
Presentation Skills Workshop
Effective Presentation Skills
Effective Business and Email Writing
Persuasive Proposal and Report Writing
Communicating with Confidence
Mastering Communications
Public Speaking Skills

Professional Telephone Skills
Effective Communication Strategies
Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
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Personal Effectiveness Development
DiSC® Training
Assertiveness Skills
Business Networking Skills
Improving Effectiveness
Achieving Task Excellence
Time Management for Work-Life Balance
Time and Task Management
Managing your Time and Priorities
Business Etiquette
Etiquette Training for Technical Professionals
Corporate Image and Business Etiquette
Personal Branding and Professional Image
Personality Styles in Team Communication
7 Thinking Tools for Generating Extraordinary Ideas
Creative Problem Solving
Creative Thinking and Innovation
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
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Conflict Management Skills Development
Managing Conflict and Disagreement
Managing Conflicts in the Workplace
Handling Difficult People
Handling Complaints and Difficult People
Handling Challenging Situations through
              Hi-impact Communication
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IT • Web • Cloud Computing Skills Development
Web Marketing Fundamentals
Cloud Computing for Business and IT Professionals
Cloud Computing Systems - Analysis and Testing
Web Application Security : Hacker Attacks and Defense
Web Application Testing : Principles & Practice
Introduction to Big Data Concepts
The Systems Requirements Journey
Business Consulting Skills for IT Professionals
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Project Management Skills Development
IT Project Management
Project Management Workshop
Single Page Project Management Workshop
People Interaction in Project Management
Project Management for Busy People
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Professional Development Hong Kong : Leadership + Business + Management + Personal Skills + IT / Information & Computer Technology Training Courses Hong Kong, China. Programmes For Corporate & Employee Development in HK, China & Asia Pacific Region

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