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Strategy Design and Implementation

The Strategy Design and Implementation training course introduces the science of strategy development and implementation with practical tools and insights driven from client implementation. It bridges the science of strategy with the art of strategy - how engagement and change deliver value. The training seminar is designed around sub-topics that cover essential ingredients and best practices.

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Negotiating Skills for Buyers

The Negotiating Skills for Buyers is a one day intensive interactive training Hong Kong workshop covering legal, contractual, tendering and negotiating aspects of buying for new buyers and for administration managers who need to negotiate strategic contracts, terms and discounts with outside suppliers of goods and services.

By the end of the training seminar, course delegates will have acquired the essential legal background; appreciate terms and conditions of contracts; understand the tendering process; learn techniques to evaluate tenders; and have a grounding in practical negotiating skills.

Negotiation Workshop for Merchandisers

Merchandisers often need to negotiate with suppliers in order to get the best terms for the buyers they represent. At times they may also need to negotiate with buyers to facilitate a deal. Well-conducted negotiations can create the best value for all parties concerned. Nevertheless, people often fail to negotiate properly because of lack of confidence, preparation, or effective negotiation skills.

The purpose of the Hong Kong Negotiation Workshop for Merchandisers is to provide essential merchandising knowledge, strategic skills and techniques. The training course examines effective strategy in price negotiation, as well as the processes and techniques involved in persuasive communications.

Win-Win Negotiation Skills ĹͧPޥ

The Win-Win Negotiation Skills training course Hong Kong will help you understand your own and others negotiation styles, and apply practical techniques. This will enable you to produce win-win result in various negotiation situations. By taking part in actual business cases analysis and role plays, course participants can experience the negotiation process from a different angle and enhance their personal set of skills.

Influencing and Negotiation Skills

All businesses, no matter large or small, are engaged in negotiation activities every day. There are needs for enterprises to create competitive advantages; negotiation and influencing are amongst the most critical skills in fulfilling such requirements. In fact, all executives in sales, marketing, as well as other functional departments, must be able to cope with different kinds of negotiation strategically, so that they can influence and provide better services as well as creative ideas to serve their customers.

The Influencing and Negotiation Skills Workshop Hong Kong aims at providing a comprehensive framework of how one can negotiate with, and influence others effectively.

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Expert Sales Strategy

By completing the Expert Sales Strategy training course, Hong Kong sales personnel will be able to:

  •   Apply professional selling skills through a review of core skills
  •   Develop sales key activities, critical tasks, performance measures
  •   Manage and analyze accounts, learn skills to gather information
  •   Sell to the needs of multiple influencers and key decision-makers
  •   Develop call plan profiles and practice selling against competitions

Customer Focused Prospecting

The Customer Focused Prospecting training course Hong Kong combines a conceptual framework for understanding the principles of successful prospecting with step-by-step instructions for targeting prospects, planning calls, and building messages that get results. The training courses modular design is fast-spaced and delivers content in easily digestible chunks. Planning tools and sample 'core messages' are included.

By completing this selling training course, any Hong Kong sales team will be able to:

  •   Build prospecting plans that help sale advance
  •   Create customer value before contacting them
  •   Increase appointments through customer prospecting
  •   Shorten sales cycle by improving prospecting messages

Face-to-Face Selling Skills

By completing the Face-to-Face Selling Skills training course, Hong Kong sales personnel will be able to:

  •   Project an image of confidence and pride
  •   Sell products / services rather than miss opportunities
  •   Hone in their ability to understand customer situation
  •   Match customer needs to product / service features and benefits
  •   Present solutions confidently and professionally
  •   Enhance their confidence to be able to negotiate
  •   Handle objections in professional manner

Consultative Selling Skills

Consultative selling is an important skill to generate business in a highly competitive international environment. Not only does one need to differentiate oneself from a brand perspective, the quality of the sales team is critical in making a difference in the sales and servicing process. By acquiring the gist of this strategic knowledge, local and international company productivity will be improved. Sales personnel will be more motivated because of a higher closing rate, and thus receive better financial return.

This sales training Hong Kong seminar aims to provide the participants with a knowledge framework on global consultative selling skill while providing the opportunities to practise these sales skills techniques interactively during the training workshop classes.

Telephone Selling Skills

In the 21st century, telephone will continue to be one of the most effective communication tools in business. Telephone skill is now a core competence for any sales person, and it is necessary to fully equip oneself with the most up-to-date techniques in order to maintain strategic competitive edge in a sales career.

The Telephone Selling Skills Workshop Hong Kong aims at providing a comprehensive framework on telephone skills covering a large range of sales technique scenarios that frontline HK staff have to cope with.

Key Account Management

Providing outstanding services to retain key accounts is vital, and turning this customer asset into value can be highly beneficial for a corporation. The objective of the Key Account Management training course is to provide the necessary understanding and skills for Hong Kong executives to manage their key accounts effectively. By attending this sales training course, participants will learn about the fundamentals of account management; role of the account manager; managing the relationship; building long term commitment; successful strategies for account development.

Sales Coaching

By completing the Sales Coaching Workshop, Hong Kong sales staff will be able to:

  •  Overcome coaching fears and create receptivity to coaching
  •   Build team support for coaching and skill improvement
  •   Provide feedback that motivates and leads to positive change
  •   Help sales people plan their objectives before a call
  •   Observe sales people and collect relevant information during calls
  •   Use data after calls to determine what coaching is needed
  •   Enhance the ability of sellers to better understand their customers

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Web Marketing Fundamentals

The Web Marketing Fundamentals training seminar in Hong Kong deals with important online Internet marketing concepts and procedures. It is a practical, hands-on Internet business marketing training course where attendees will have the opportunity to experience the latest tools and techniques currently used by successful Web based enterprises. This Internet marketing training course is suitable for all who are interested in exploiting the World Wide Web to extend their business operations regionally as well as internationally in a rapid, inexpensive and effective manner. It will be of special benefit to business management and marketing professionals.

Marketing Creativity

Effective marketing is vital to ensure the survival and growth of any business. It does not matter whether the business is large or small, or what products or services the business supplies, the truth is that effective marketing cannot be ignored and is essential for any successful organization.

At-last there is a breakthrough course in Marketing. Its called Marketing Creativity. This highly interactive and practical one day Hong Kong training course combines creativity and marketing in a fresh, new way. Consumers, retailers and suppliers are demanding more creativity and innovation across every marketing activity - in this training course you will learn how to do this.

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