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Sales Presentation Skills 業務銷售簡報技巧

The Sales Presentation Skills training seminar Hong Kong will coach you how to professionally connect with HK customers, create the best business impression and deliver better, more powerful high-impact sales presentations to clients.

Consultative Selling Skills 顧問式銷售技巧

By completing the Consultative Selling Skills training course, Hong Kong sales personnel will be coached how to:

  •   Project an image of confidence and pride effectively to clients
  •   Sell products / services rather than miss opportunities
  •   Hone in their ability to better understand customer situation
  •   Match customer needs to product / service features and benefits
  •   Present proper sales solutions professionally as well as creatively
  •   Enhance their confidence to negotiate sales process successfully
  •   Handle critical objections correctly and in professional manner

Sales Coaching 專業銷售激勵訓練

By completing the Sales Coaching Workshop, Hong Kong selling staff will be able to:

  •   Overcome coaching fears and create receptivity to being coached
  •   Develop proper team support for sales coaching and skill improvement
  •   Provide correct feedback that motivates and leads to positive change
  •   Help sales people plan their strategic solutions before a telephone call
  •   Observe staff, collecting relevant information during telesales calls to clients
  •   Use data after tele-sales calls to determine what selling coaching is needed
  •   Enhance the ability of sellers to better understand their critical customers

Key Account Management 大客戶管理

Providing the best sales services to retain key accounts is vital, and turning this customer asset into top class value can be strategically beneficial for a corporation. The objective of the Key Account Management sales training course is to develop correct understanding, as well as effective and creative solutions for HK sales management personnel to operate their key accounts professionally and successfully. By attending this short Hong Kong sales management training course, participants will be coached about the fundamentals of account management; proper role of the account manager; better managing the critical client relationship process; developing long term commitment; successful sales strategies for account development.

Key Account Selling  大客戶銷售

The Key Account Selling training course Hong Kong was created as a result of one-to-one coaching with key accounts sales people from a variety of industries that involve complex and strategic key account situations across 13 cities in Asia. This short sales training Hong Kong program has been tried, modified, and re-tested successfully to enable the selling staff to deliver good business results, especially in the Asian context. The HK sales training seminar ensures that program participants will be coached to understand, and correctly anticipate key accounts' strategic business needs so as to grow the account critically for the future, develop good relationships with influential clients of key accounts, and to better allocate the best sales roles for each team member in order to effectively manage the key account as a professional sales team.

Psyche-Selling  銷售攻心術 (How to get into Customers Minds and make Sales)

The Psyche-Selling training seminar Hong Kong is created as a result of one-to-one coaching with sales people from a variety of industries across 13 cities in Asia. This short Hong Kong sales training course has been tried, modified, and re-tested to ensure that it successfully delivers strategic solutions for HK selling staff, especially in the Asian context.

The Art of Sales Coaching  銷售輔導技巧

Being a top class sales person and managing a good sales team in Hong Kong requires different set of solutions, professional skills and services. Yet, many HK corporate sales managers are not equipped with proper methods to get good solutions from an otherwise creative and talented sales team. Using strategic insights into what probably is the earliest leadership guidebook known in history, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, we can correctly learn from time-tested observations of ancient battlefields and apply the processes involved effectively in today's business battles of sales and selling in Hong Kong.

The Art of Sales Negotiations  戰略談判

The Art of Sales Negotiations training program Hong Kong was created as a result of one-to-one coaching with sales people from a variety of industries across 19 cities in Asia, based on tried-and-proven selling solutions that have been professionally applied to many strategic business situations worldwide. This Hong Kong sales training program has been tried, modified, and re-tested to make sure that it delivers good results for HK sales people, including those in the Chinese context.

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Win-Win Negotiation Skills 雙贏談判技巧

The Win-Win Negotiation Skills training course Hong Kong will help you correctly understand your own, as well as others, negotiation styles and apply the best practical techniques. This short HK negotiation training program will enable seminar participants to produce successful win-win solutions in various strategic client / customer negotiating situations. By taking part in the HK negotiation training workshops, involving actual analysis of business cases as well as role plays, course participants will experience the professional negotiating process from a critical angle, and better develop their personal set of creative as well as effective negotiation skills and methods.

Negotiation Skills Workshop 談判技巧工作坊

People normally pick up successful negotiation skills informally from their peers or their managers, or from reading about well-known business celebrities. For the most part though, people negotiate by instinct and they don’t often analyse the outcomes. So, if and when negotiation works well, they don’t know why the process worked and why it didn’t either. In short, there is a critical negotiation skills gap.

So how can this negotiation gap be bridged successfully? The Negotiation Skills Workshop Hong Kong offers a different perspective to implementing effective negotiation process, as well as professional solutions that achieves creatively the correct needs of all clients involved, enhancing proper HK buyer-seller relationship, and ensuring a successful win-win outcome.

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Operational Risk Management - All Industries  操作風險管理 - 適用於所有行業

This dynamic, interactive one day Hong Kong risk management training course is designed to help organisations develop a ‘positive risk culture'. It provides course delegates with proper knowledge, critical skills and creative solutions to professionally manage Operational Risk at Strategic, Tactical and Operational level. This short managing risk training seminar can be tailored to the operational context of any HK client.

The Operational Risk Management Hong Kong training course gives delegates a contemporary oversight of the nature and scale of risk and provides a sound knowledge and understanding of the principles, correct framework and process of Operational Risk Management. It coaches HK course delegates with the knowledge, skills, solution tools and methodology templates to effectively identify, analyse, evaluate and better manage operational risk involving internationally recognised standards.

Operational Risk Management - Live Entertainment and Performance Industry
操作風險管理 - 現場娛樂和表演業

This short Hong Kong Operational Risk Management training seminar has been specifically tailored to be relevant to those working in the live HK entertainment business, such as theatres, stage, arena, sports, and any other public performance events within Hong Kong.

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Mastering Strategy and Turning Strategy into Results 掌握策略並將策略轉化為成果

The Mastering Strategy and Turning Strategy into Results training course Hong Kong is about getting things done properly. Be it strategic action, critical corporate objectives or tasks ─ this seminar will coach you how to implement the process professionally. This short strategy training programme is suited to anyone in a HK supervisory or management role who need to get work done creatively through others, even if they do not report to you directly.

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