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Coaching Skills

Interviewing Skills

Customer Service Skills

Financial Skills

Coaching and Mentoring Skills

Organizations today must be able to do more with less in order to survive and prosper. The ability to discover and utilize employees full potential to achieve the organization's goals has become a critical survival tool. To this end, many HK organizations have used coaching and mentoring as a means to develop their staff.

The Coaching and Mentoring Skills training workshop Hong Kong aims to equip the participants with the practical skills of coaching and mentoring so that they will raise the confidence and competence of others through motivation, guidance and influence.

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Successful Interviewing

Recruitment and the selection process is one of the key management tools. 'Do it right' - that is the theme for this international training program. It is not by chance that Intel, Google and Apple are all successful - they all have outstanding recruitment process, which is never compromised.

In the Successful Interviewing training course Hong Kong you will learn the latest techniques covering the nine (9) critical parts of the interview process.

Interviewing Skills to Recruit the Right Candidate

This interview skills training workshop enables participants to master a result focused process to select the right candidate successfully. The interview training concepts are based on 'Harrison Assessment' employee selection and staff development tools. The Hong Kong training course participants will as a result gain confidence in practising interviewing techniques involving the design of interview, communication during interview, and evaluation of the candidates.

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6-Star Customer Service Excellence

In a competitive business world, building customer trust and maintaining their loyalty are the professionals' top priorities. They need to communicate their ability, attitude and discipline to meet and exceed their customers expectations. Customer service should be provided consistently throughout the support process. In this Hong Kong Customer Service training seminar, course attendees will develop their service skills as follows:

  •   Building rapport with customers
  •   Delivering service to meet customers needs
  •   Negotiating for business results
  •   Turning problems into opportunities

Customer Service Skills

Customer service is an essential skill for organization that has to deal with demanding customers. Excellent customer relationship skills helps to provide excellent service by facilitating customer to further adopt your products / solutions. Therefore, it is vital that all staff must be able to practice these skills effectively to improve HK customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Customer Service Skills training workshop is designed to develop Hong Kong course participants with a comprehensive framework of professional customer service skills so that they can use them to enhance customer relationship.

Customer Service and Complaint Handling

Complaints are the best gifts customers can give to an organization. While complaints are rarely pleasant, they often carry a positive intention. Unfortunately, many HK organizations and customer service personnel have adopted a negative attitude towards complaints, which in turn lead to unnecessary conflicts, angers and even sabotage. To be able to handle customer complaints professionally and tactfully not only helps to resolve the issue at hand, but also raises the public image of the organisation.

The purpose of Customer Service and Complaint Handling training course Hong Kong is to develop staff with an awareness of providing extra service in customer complaint handling, as well as equip the program participants with communication skills to leverage on the positive intention and turn a complaint into a win-win solution.

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Finance for Non-Finance Executives

Understanding financial documents, analyzing financial performance and managing budgets is a part of many managersˇ¦ roles. However, this can be challenging for HK executives without extensive training in accounting or financial management.

Finance for Non-Finance Executives training course Hong Kong aims to explain tools and concepts for analyzing financial statement and evaluating investment decisions. You will learn methods that will help you assess the financial health of your department, measure your financing needs, determine budgets and investment proposals, as well as how you should finance them.

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Hong Kong Staff Development Courses : Interview Skills + Customer Service + Finance Training Seminars - Workshops Hong Kong China. Training For Employee and Corporate Staff Development in HK, China & Asia Pacific Region By CEL

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