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Coaching and Feedback Skills 管理者必學的指導與反饋技巧

Organizations today must be able to do more with less in order to survive and prosper. The ability to discover and utilize an employee's full potential to achieve the organization's top goals has become a critical as well as a challenging survival tool. To this end, many HK organizations are happy to use coaching strategies as a means to develop their staff, help them resolve hard problems, and also use as a helping tool to motivate.

The Coaching and Feedback Skills training workshop Hong Kong provides corporate managers, supervisors and human resources personnel with world class skills, techniques and solutions required to successfully coach face-to-face as well as enable good feedback from their employees.

Mentoring Skills 如何成為下屬的導師

Mentoring has been an effective way to develop leaders in China, Greece, and other civilizations since ancient times. Today, mentoring has become an effective method for businesses to help employees with orientation, good career advancement, problem solving, coaching, support, and leadership development. In addition, HK mentors can best assist staff to deal with the challenges associated with successful, productive, happy, and meaningful work-life.

The purpose of this short Mentoring Skills training workshop Hong Kong is to coach program participants with top class knowledge, techniques, and solutions to constructively contribute to services, as well as be a successful mentor in the context of their organization’s mentoring strategy programme.

Key to Engaging Your Workforce 吸引優秀員工的關鍵

The Key to Engaging Your Workforce is a practical one-day training workshop to help Hong Kong team leaders, supervisors and managers develop a more dynamic, loyal, engaged, happy and effective staff to support the best business growth in a dynamic environment. This short training program is designed specifically to coach the HK business manager understand what their team members as well as other organization employees want, and to provide them with good solutions for creating successful champions.

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Interviewing Skills Workshop 甄選面試技巧工作坊

Hiring the right employee is critical to the success of any organization today. At the same time, best staff hiring decisions are often made based on the performance of a candidate at an interview. It is therefore crucial for HK managers to be equipped with good techniques, methods and skills to conduct face-to-face interviews effectively.

The Interviewing Skills Workshop will coach Hong Kong training participants to have successful interviewing strategies and world class skills which will enable them to select the best employee for their organization.

Successful Interviewing 成功的甄選面試技巧

Recruitment and the selection process is one of the key management tools. 'Do it right' - that is the theme for this international training program. It is not by chance that Intel, Google and Apple are all successful - they all have the best staff recruitment solutions that are never compromised.

In the Successful Interviewing training course Hong Kong programme participants will be coached in latest strategies and techniques covering the nine (9) critical parts of the prospective employee interview process.

Investigative Interviewing 調查面試/會談

The Investigate Interviewing training will introduce Hong Kong course participants to the P.E.A.C.E model of interviewing that provides a structured approach, proven to secure the most reliable, accurate and comprehensive information. The model is used by agencies world-wide and is widely recognised as the most ethical, reliable and successful process to conduct the interview process. This Hong Kong interviewing skills training workshop will coach HK course delegates to have a much deeper understanding of the process of interview, question types and techniques. It will demonstrate and allow HK seminar attendees to plan and practise both Conversation Management and Cognitive styles of interview.

By completing the Investigative Interview training course, HK attendees will acquire the key skills to effectively and professionally interview witnesses, victims and suspects in order to obtain the maximum possible dependable information or evidence from the process. This HK investigative interviewing training course is particularly suited to those who have responsibility for internal and external investigation, but is equally relevant, and as useful to anyone charged with obtaining accurate and comprehensive information from people they interview in Hong Kong.

Interviewing Skills to Recruit the Right Candidate 篩選出關鍵人才的面試技巧

This short Hong Kong interview skills training program coaches participants to master customising the formulas to assess education, experience, skills and personality desired for job specific behaviours in order to select the right candidate. HK training course participants will gain confidence in face-to-face interviewing techniques, as well as mastering a result-focused process for rightly selecting employees that best suits the competency-based requirements.

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6-Star Customer Service Excellence 六星級的待客之道

In a competitive business world, building customer trust and maintaining their loyalty are HK professionals' top priorities as well as challenges. All company staff therefore need to communicate their ability, attitude and discipline to successfully meet and exceed their customers expectations. Good customer service should be provided consistently throughout the business support process. In this short Hong Kong Customer Service training seminar, program attendees will be coached to develop the best staff service strategies and solutions as follows:

  •   Developing rapport with customers
  •   Delivering service to meet customers needs
  •   Negotiating for business results
  •   Turning hard problems into opportunities

Customer Service and Complaint Handling 客戶服務與投訴處理技巧

Complaints are the best gifts customers can give to an organization. While complaints are rarely pleasant, they often carry a positive intention. Unfortunately, many HK organizations and customer service personnel have developed a poor attitude towards complaints, which in turn lead to unhappiness, conflicts, anger and even sabotage. To be able for employees to successfully handle tough complaints from upset customers, professionally and tactfully, not only helps to resolve the hard issue at hand, but also raises the public image of the organisation.

The purpose of the Customer Service and Complaint Handling training course Hong Kong is to coach staff so that they have an awareness of the challenges of providing extra service in customer complaint handling, as well as equip the programme participants with good communication skills and strategies to leverage on the positive intention and turn a complaint into a win-win solution.

Serving Customers from the Heart 以「心」為本的專業服務技巧

Happy customers are the reasons businesses exist. Every manager must recognize this fundamental truth in business. While staff, in general, focus their services to the customers on the technical side, managers often need to deal with the challenges posed by unhappy customers’ concerns, complaints, and even upset emotions.

The Serving Customers from the Heart training workshop Hong Kong coaches programme participants in top class strategies, tools and solutions that will enable them to successfully communicate with HK customers, and handle their concerns effectively as well as professionally.

Professional Telephone Skills 專業電話禮儀及接待技巧

The Professional Telephone Skills Workshop purpose is to provide Hong Kong course participants with the strategies and skills involved in successful communicating methods by staff over the telephone - from identifying the caller’s needs, to presenting information. Both internal and external callers has been taken into consideration in the design of the training course coverage.

On completion of this short HK telephone skills training program, participants will be coached to:

  •   Get a message across with clarity and tact
  •   Enhance working relationship through communication
  •   Handle calls with confidence, enthusiasm, friendliness
  •   Project professional image via words and tone control

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Finance for Non-Finance Executives 為非財務主管而設的財務基本功

Understanding financial documents, analyzing financial performance and managing budgets is a part of many managers’ roles. However, this can be challenging for HK executives without extensive training in accounting or financial management.

The Finance for Non-Finance Executives training course Hong Kong aims to explain tools and concepts for analyzing financial statement and evaluating investment decisions. You will be coached in world class methods that will help you assess the financial health of your department, measure your financing needs, determine budgets and investment proposals, as well as how you should finance them.

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