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Coaching and Feedback Skills 管理者必學的指導與反饋技巧

Organizations today must be able to do more with less in order to survive and prosper. The ability to correctly discover and handle an employee's full potential in order to better achieve the organization's top staff development goals has become a critical as well as a challenging survival tool. To this end, many HK organizations are happy to use proper coaching strategies as a means to develop their staff, help them resolve hard problems, and also use as a helping tool to motivate.

The Coaching and Feedback Skills training workshop Hong Kong provides corporate managers, supervisors and human resources personnel with world class skills, creative techniques and professional solutions required to successfully coach face-to-face as well as enable good feedback from their employees.

Coaching for Excellence 指導屬下追求卓越

Coaching facilitates sharing, analysis, reflection and handling correct staff development action that ultimately enables as well as empowers individuals and / or groups to become more successful. Good managerial coaches see coaching as an opportunity rather than a remedial intervention situation.

Studies of effective managers show that those who get the most out of their teams, spend a high proportion of their time and energy coaching others. Effective managerial coaches are able to better delegate, to create a critical sense of purpose within the team, and to motivate the proper performance of others.

The Coaching for Excellence interactive training workshop aims to coach Hong Kong managers with top class, professional skill-sets, creative tools, techniques and background knowledge to become highly efficient at coaching within their organization. It integrates group work, discussions and role plays with content knowledge.

Key to Engaging Your Workforce 吸引優秀員工的關鍵

The Key to Engaging Your Workforce is a practical one-day training workshop to help Hong Kong team leaders, supervisors and managers better develop a more dynamic, creative, loyal, engaged, happy and effective staff to handle the best business growth in a dynamic environment situation. This short training program is designed specifically to coach the HK business manager correctly understand and develop what their team members, as well as other organization employees want, and to provide them with critical solutions for creating professional champions.

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Successful Interviewing 成功的甄選面試技巧

Recruitment and the selection process is one of the key management tools. 'Do it right' - that is the theme for this international training program. It is not by chance that Intel, Google and Apple are all successful - they all have the best staff recruitment solutions that are never compromised.

In the Successful Interviewing training course Hong Kong program participants will be coached in top class strategies and latest techniques covering the nine (9) critical parts of proper prospective employee interview process.

Investigative Interviewing 調查面試/會談

The Investigate Interviewing training will introduce Hong Kong course participants to the P.E.A.C.E model of interviewing that provides a structured approach, proven to secure the most reliable, correct, critical and comprehensive information. The model is used by agencies world-wide and is widely recognised as the most ethical, professional and successful technique to conduct the best interview handling process. This Hong Kong interviewing skills training workshop will coach HK course delegates to have a better, much deeper understanding of what constitutes the process of good interview, question types and techniques. It will demonstrate as well as coach HK seminar attendees to plan and practise the best Conversation Management and Cognitive styles of interview.

By completing the Investigative Interview training course, HK attendees will be coached in key skills required to effectively as well as professionally interview witnesses, victims and suspects in order to obtain the maximum possible dependable information or evidence from the process. This HK investigative interviewing training course is particularly suited to those who have responsibility for internal as well as external investigation situations, and is useful to anyone charged with creatively obtaining accurate and comprehensive information from people they interview in Hong Kong.

Interviewing Skills to Recruit the Right Candidate 篩選出關鍵人才的面試技巧

Making the Right Decision with Preparation, Engagement and Evaluation

This short Hong Kong interview skills training program coaches the participants to master a result-focused process to select the right candidate that best suits the competency-based requirements. Attendees of the interviewing training workshop in HK will gain confidence to master the following techniques:

  •   Define a systematic interview process
  •   Plan with better end business results in mind based on job functions
  •   Assert role and optimise the effect of panel interviews
  •   Set evaluation criteria on ideal performance areas
  •   Design questions to validate education, experience, skills, personality
  •   Learn listening and probing techniques to deepen analysis
  •   Engage candidates in correct communication flow handling
  •   Communicate professional company and personal image
  •   Evaluate candidates effectively using an assessment guide

Interview and Communication Skills for Interviewees 面試和溝通技巧

Selling Your Attributes Successfully

Companies engage job candidates in interviews to assess their attitude and ability to predict future performance success. Therefore, job candidates need to compete for better attention and to sell themselves as the most suitable future employees.

In the Interview and Communication Skills for Interviewees training course Hong Kong, participants will be coached in top class interviewing skills demonstrating the critical professional attributes needed to develop and optimize their success.

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6-Star Customer Service Excellence 六星級的待客之道

In a competitive business world, building proper customer trust and maintaining their loyalty are HK business professionals' top priorities as well as critical staff development challenges. Service personnel will make a difference in communicating customer service attitude, product knowledge, creative solution offer and handling. All HK company staff therefore need to correctly communicate their professional ability, attitude and discipline to successfully meet and exceed their customers expectations. Good Hong Kong customer service should be provided consistently throughout the business development and support situation.

In this short Hong Kong Customer Service training seminar, program attendees will be coached how to create the best staff service strategies and solutions in order to provide an outstanding service experience for HK customers by creating a strong professional service focus as follows:

  •  Drive services with WII-FM (What’s In It For Me) focus
  •  Listen so as to better identify needs
  •  Speak and write the service language
  •  Overcome objections with emotional intelligence
  •  Be solution-focused in managing expectations
  •  Adapt to cultural and behavioural styles
  •  Commit to follow-up
  •  Learn service templates for using telephone and via writing

Managing Customer Service Expectations 管理客戶期望

Customer service is critical for business excellence. How we engage with customers will determine the future viability of the business. This Hong Kong customer service training course provides an overview of what it takes to properly manage and exceed customer expectations, commonly referred to as 'service excellence'. It will enable training program participants to better appreciate the relevance and impact of customer service excellence as well as offering a staff development roadmap of creative professional skills, correct information and practical guidelines that will enable their organization to achieve service excellence in their HK operations.

The Managing Customer Service Expectations training course Hong Kong balances between soft and hard aspects of handling service excellence. Soft aspects refer to dealing with customers; hard aspects refer to the system, processes, and technical aspects of customer management situations. This approach will enable course participants to have a grounded view towards professional HK customer service excellence, with relevant skills gained by working through the workshop materials.

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Finance for Non-Finance Executives 為非財務主管而設的財務基本功

Understanding financial documents, analyzing financial performance and managing budgets is a part of many managers’ roles. However, this can be challenging for HK executives without extensive training in accounting or financial management.

The Finance for Non-Finance Executives training course Hong Kong aims to explain critical tools and concepts for better analyzing financial statement and evaluating investment decisions. You will be coached in world class professional methods that will help you correctly assess and handle the financial health of your department, measure your financing needs, determine budgets and investment proposals, as well as how you should properly finance them in any given development situation.

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