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Project Management Workshop 項目管理工作坊

For many companies projects have become a vital part of their operation and existence. Important as they may be, statistics show that only 28% of all projects are completed on time and on budget. Hong Kong project management problems can often be traced back to leadership services. Most HK projects are led by a project manager who may know a lot about the subject of the project, such as an engineer or software developer, but who may have little project management experience or knowledge itself.

Project management requires a methodology and set of top class skills very different from those of technical work. This Hong Kong project management training course provides HK program participants with a comprehensive overview of the critical processes, best skills and tools, as well as creative solutions required to beneficially lead a project. Via a series of simulated exercises, games and discussions throughout this project management training in Hong Kong, course attendees will be coached in applying a proven methodology to project management.

The information and approach used within the Project Management Workshop Hong Kong is consistent with many well known project management methodologies, and can be used as a stepping stone to develop further preparations for HK certification examinations in project management, such as the PMP program.

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Hong Kong Project Management Training : Short Courses + Seminars + Workshops For Managing Projects in HK + China by CEL Provider of Project Management Training Classes

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