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Achieving Effectiveness

Assertiveness Skills

Influence and communicate to build trust and rapport with your colleagues, superiors and customers

The Assertiveness Skills Workshop enhances both personal and organizational development. Participants of this Hong Kong training course will develop the following skills:

  •   Understand essential attributes of trust building
  •   Identify checklist of trust building behaviours
  •   Learn communication model to speak confidently
  •   Build credibility with verbal / non-verbal language
  •   Learn personal and social emotional intelligence
  •   Practise empathetic listening techniques
  •   Adapt to different personality styles
  •   Negotiate expectations to achieve win-win outcome

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Business Networking Skills

A saying in the public relations industry goes, 'It matters more with how many people know you than with how many people you know'. People who know and appreciate you will promote you and your business, which is the ultimate public relation.

In this Business Networking Skills training workshop, Hong Kong course participants will develop the necessary skill set to win others' trust and support.

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Business Etiquette

Mastering good business etiquette is a valuable skill-set that will make one stand out from others, enhance chances of success and smoothen customer relationship to boost business bottom-line. This Business Etiquette training workshop will help Hong Kong course participants to act professionally and exercise proper manners in order to build a memorable impression for business success.

Etiquette Training for Technical Professionals

The Etiquette Training for Technical Professionals workshop enables Hong Kong participants to learn the secrets of people communication. This training course can help HK participants act professionally as well as exercise proper manners in the workplace, in relation to professionalism and business etiquette.

Corporate Image and Business Etiquette

The Role of Personal Branding and Networking in Establishing and Enhancing your Company's Corporate Message

In today's competitive business world, projecting a positive, professional image as a representative of your company is vital to your company's and your personal success. Before selling a product or your company, you have to sell yourself first.

The Corporate Image and Business Etiquette training course focuses on building non-verbal communication and behavioural skills. By utilising role-playing, feedback sessions and discussions, the seminar provides knowledge as well as practical skills required to project a professional image. The training workshop will enable HK participants to acquire critical skills required to conduct oneself more confidently in business and social occasions, build deeper relationships that focus on giving and sharing, and building a professional, corporate image.

Personal Branding and Professional Image

We all agree that the first impression is everything when starting a great conversation in business. But how can you gain trust from customers or interviewers within minutes of first interaction? Is it important for your frontline staff to project the brand identity of your company? By mastering the art of professional business image and personal branding, one can adapt dynamically to meeting the needs in different situations and allowing oneself to dress and groom effectively to project oneˇ¦s image with confidence and professionalism.

The Personal Branding and Professional Image training workshop will help Hong Kong course participants to recognize and build image details that distinguish oneself from the competition.

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Creative Problem Solving

The world is changing fast and organizations are constantly driven to develop by forces such as globalization, Internet, better technology as well as tougher competition. Working with our left-brain alone is no longer sufficient. New creative and innovative techniques have been developed to help us in critical problem solving and work implementation.

The Creative Problem Solving training workshop Hong Kong aims at providing concepts and skills to facilitate the process of innovation so that the members of any organization can handle critical change more effectively and creatively.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Organizations and individuals encounter problems everyday. Often these problems can be complicated by our unwise decisions, emotional reactions or panicky actions. To be able to do the right thing at the right time, to critical problems, is crucial to an organization's long term survival.

The purpose of this Problem Solving and Decision Making training course in Hong Kong is to provide participants with a strategy as well as a set of creative and critical tools to solve problems and make decisions rationally.

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

We are continuously confronted with problems that require us to make appropriate decisions. Why is it that some people find it easy to solve tough problems with simple solutions while others find this feat nearly impossible? Some problems are more complex, like deciding how to prioritize our work, or understanding why a process failed and deciding what to do about it; these require a rational and creative approach to problem solving.

The purpose of the Creative Thinking and Problem Solving training course is to provide Hong Kong program participants with strategy as well as set of creative tools to solve problems and make critical decisions rationally. By applying the tools and techniques, training program attendees can adopt a creative approach to problem solving, thereby improving their overall productivity in the workplace. On completion of training, HK course participants are enabled with:

  •   Increased awareness of problem solving steps and tools
  •   Can distinguish root causes from symptoms to identify the right solution
  •   Apply creative approaches to solving problems and making decisions
  •   Improve problem solving and decision making by identifying solution styles
  •   Think creatively and work towards creative solutions
  •   Recognize the top ten rules of good decision-making

7 Thinking Tools - for Generating Extraordinary Ideas

Organizations and individuals are finding the traditional ways of thinking increasingly inadequate to address many of the issues they are facing today. Creativity, innovation, and the ability to implement new ideas has become a survival skill in this era of critical information and change.

The purpose of this training seminar is to provide participants with 7 thinking tools to help them generate extraordinary ideas, and then turn these ideas into actions.

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Managing your Time and Priorities

We all have 24 hours in a day. The difference between a highly effective and a less effective person often lies in how he or she manages these 24 hours. While we cannot create more time, we can certainly create more value from time.

The Managing Your Time and Priorities training workshop in Hong Kong will help course attendees identify what matters in their lives, and focus onto doing what matters more effectively.

Time and Task Management

Time is a precious asset. Wasted time is equivalent to money being thrown out of the window - so time needs to be utilized wisely. In view of the tempo of today's business world, HK staff members must know how to manage their time effectively, whilst fulfilling their task requirements.

The Task and Time Management training course Hong Kong aims to provide a critical framework for seminar participants to manage their time and task activities effectively, in particular, they will learn how to schedule priorities, remove time wasters, motivate self as well as others.

Time Management for Work-Life Balance

Work faster, do less, and get smarter is the key to time and task management for Work-Life Balance

The Hong Kong course participants of Time Management for Work-Life Balance training will learn how to:

  •   Master their time investment to get optimum returns
  •   Set and schedule priorities
  •   Maintain work life balance
  •   Design smart task processes

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Improving Effectiveness

How to improve your personal effectiveness (and value) and make significant financial organisational improvements

Are you maximizing your own potential? Are you doing things that make you more valuable to the organization, now and in the future. Do you want to be able to master techniques that will add financial value to any organization? If the answer to any of the above is yes, then this new training course is for YOU!

Improving Effectiveness is a new action packed, performance based training program which focuses on efficiency improvement.

Achieving Task Excellence

21st century is characterized by the trends of globalization, speedy technological advancement as well as high expectations and demands from customers and end-users. In order to cope with these changes, higher level of competence in task productivity is vital. More and more researches have shown that the art of leadership, time and decision making have become the most important factors for achieving organizational and personal success.

This Hong Kong training workshop provides invaluable insights on how to improve task excellence at all levels.

Influencing Skills to Power Up Persuasion

Persuasion gets one to sell ideas. To get buy-in from customers, bosses, peers and subordinates, one needs to adapt to their real needs. To be able to adapt and connect to speed up the result, influencing both the functional and the psychological aspects of communication will make a difference in getting higher results.

The Influencing Skills to Power Up Persuasion Hong Kong training course participants will learn:

  •   An awareness of how to build on their own strengths
  •   Influence as an accelerator of persuasion
  •   Difference between persuasion, influence and manipulation
  •   Drivers which get people to say yes
  •   Motivation of the conscious and unconscious mind
  •   Communication models to connect with conscious mind
  •   Connect on unconscious level with body language and voice
  •   Ideas selling presentation
  •   Assertiveness at negotiation

Personality Styles in Team Communication

Blending interest, initiatives and motivation of self with others to produce mutually satisfying results is the key to successful team communication. Suiting the communication style to the team membersˇ¦ personalities raises the harmony and connection, which drives up efficiency.

In the workshop, the participants will have the following takeaways:

  •   Define the essential traits to achieve team efficiency
  •   Embrace: build on commonalities and enjoy differences
  •   Know the personality style of self and others
  •   Discover the key to rapport building
  •   Convey clear messages by finding the right context
  •   Motivate initiatives on task and on relationship
  •   Listen to understand differences and prioritise
  •   Manage differences in expectations, roles and interests
  •   Connecting team members with different personalities

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