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Operational Risk Management

This intensive 1-day Operational Risk Management course Hong Kong is specifically designed for personnel who are involved in activities such as security, risk assessment, facilities management, health and safety. It gives the training course delegates information they need to employ the latest Operational Risk Management Techniques within their organization.

The Operational Risk Management seminar in Hong Kong equips participants with the tools and templates they need to complete a comprehensive operational risk assessment of their business premises and processes. It will allow the HK training course attendees to identify any weaknesses, and single points of failure, that could put their business at risk. We provide a truly international perspective and highlight 'Best Practice' in Operational Risk Management for all industries, and provide an overview of the current International Standards of Risk Management.

Getting to Grips with Risk

The Getting to Grips with Risk training course helps staff understand more about risk, and their role in risk based planning and analysis. This intensive Hong Kong risk management seminar is open to all. The course has been specifically designed for those who wish to develop or extend their current skill set.

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Crisis Management

Facing an ever-changing business environment, there is nothing more important that the ability to handle risk and crisis. Many incidents of business disaster are direct results of unanticipated events that began as accidents and ended up as a full stop for corporate existence.

The Crisis Management training course in Hong Kong provides a detailed framework of how risk and crisis can be anticipated, handled and coped with effectively through excellent pre-event contingency planning and implementation, controlled and wise reactions to accidents, as well as post-event evaluations.

Crisis, Brand and Reputation Management

Design Successful Crisis Response and Reputation Management Strategies

Crisis management plan is in place, but lack of preparedness may compromise an organisationíŽs ability to recover from an incident and irreparably damage the business. The first few hours of a crisis are crucial to the organizationíŽs ability to recover successfully.

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Change Management Workshop

In booming days, social environment is characterised by the pace of market change, and it is vital to manage such changes effectively in order to excel by turning this opportunity into positive results.

The Change Management training workshop Hong Kong aims at providing comprehensive knowledge as well as  the necessary skills on leading and coping with change, and turning this challenge into opportunities for growth.

Blue Ocean Change Management  ┬┼«Ř┼▄ş▓║Ů▓z

Blue Ocean is not only a strategy to adopt in order to cope with current competitive environment in business: rather, it reflects a new paradigm in which we all have to face organizational change in order to excel in the market. However, it is not easy to face the change process as it is human nature to act against any kind of change in terms of organizational behaviour. Thus, it would be vital to acquire the necessary skills to handle change while promoting team solidarity at the same time.

The Blue Ocean Change Management seminar Hong Kong aims at using the Blue Ocean principle, and providing the associated skill set, in handling organizational change.

Adapting to Change

In today's economic reality, change is the only constant factor in most work environments. On the other hand, change often causes anxiety and resistance. If not managed well, these emotions and reactions to change can cripple an otherwise positive initiative.

The purpose of Adapting to Change training course provides Hong Kong managers and employees with a strategy and necessary skills to deal with change in a positive manner, not only to coach self but also others to adapt to change. This training program emphasizes dealing with change on the cognitive, behavioural, and subconscious levels.

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Leadership Skills Workshop

In a world of rapid changes and innovations, it is surprising to see many organizations are still governed by management practices that were essentially developed in the Industrial Age: hierarchy, division of labour, objectives, rules, compliance, etc. Little wonder is there that most managers find themselves faced with an increasing proportion of workers who are unmotivated order-takers, or dissatisfied burnouts. As a result, many HK organizations are not able to utilize the full potential of their staff. Some suffer from the burden of carrying too many underperformers. Some see a high staff turnover.

The Leadership Skills Workshop Hong Kong is to provide participants with four (4) new perspectives to lead others in a rapidly changing environment. The Hong Kong leadership training seminar is especially useful for those who are open to new management practices, and prefer innovation to strict compliance in their business environment.

Appreciative Leadership

Appreciative Leadership is a paradigm shift from the old way of leading to the new approach in enhancing team productivity through the use of new leadership concepts such as appreciative inquiry, feed-forwarding, reverse mentoring etc.

The Appreciative Leadership training workshop Hong Kong focuses on new concepts in leadership, and expands on the techniques that are required to make things work through Appreciative Leadership in the Gen-Z Paradigm.

Innovations in Leadership (Process-Focused Approach)

It is difficult to find anyone who disagrees with the notion that leadership at every level of today's organization is a critical success factor. But how is this achieved? We know that there are only a few great leaders, and that leadership skills are very special.

The Innovations in Leadership training course / seminar in Hong Kong will provide you with the critical processes needed to be an effective modern leader in any organization, within either the Public or Private sector. This is a unique opportunity for you to really master the latest techniques and processes that will make a difference - you can use these powerful techniques yourself or for showing to others.

Sun Tzu Leadership (21st Century)

Ultra-successful organizations in the 21st century are those that can leverage the talents of staff from all generations. Synergetic staff engagement is a key necessity for modern organizations to excel in the 21st century. Without such synergy, it will be difficult for any organization to operate, let alone experience breakthrough successes. However, the challenges are significant with many organizations having to deal with confrontation amongst their staff comprising all generations.

This workshop focuses on Sun Tzu Leadership concepts and skills for the 21st century. Organizations can adopt the Sun Tzu Leadership principles to help create an edge involving synergetic staff engagement and commitment which will take full advantage of the business environment in times of accelerating change.

Effective Supervisory Skills

Supervisors need to communicate, guide and motivate direct subordinates with individual differences (age, culture, views, etc.) as well as handle the expectations from management and align organizational vision with team members. Thus, a new set of supervisory skills is required for industries to serve our staff better, as well as provide the necessary leadership and support so that team performance can be maximized.

The purpose of the Effective Supervisory Skills Workshop in Hong Kong is to provide a comprehensive framework on modern supervisory skills so that managers will have the relevant skill set to cope with every day challenges.

Managing People for Win-Win Results

The Managing People for Win-Win Results training seminar is a people management course that aims to equip Hong Kong managers with knowledge and skills to become highly competent at leading and influencing others in order to achieve results. After attending this HK training course, participants will be able to achieve the following objectives:

  •   Implement best-in class practices for leadership and communication
  •   Harmonize and apply tools and practices to optimize productivity
  •   Develop a learning attitude for self and others

Survival Skills for Managers and Supervisors

The purpose of the Survival Skills for Managers and Supervisors training course is to provide Hong Kong managers / supervisors and supervisors-to-be the necessary skills to carry out their work effectively. Skills acquired in this training seminar will result in more productive relationships, better teamwork, greater harmony and higher morale at the workplace.

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Nurturing your Team

In many organizations, frontline workers are often promoted to become managers and supervisors because of experience or performance. While these managers are technically competent, they often lack the necessary people skills to carry out their responsibilities effectively to develop and manage their teams.

The purpose of this management training course is to provide newly promoted leaders the skills to build up and nurture their teams. Skills acquired in this course will result in more productive relationships, better teamwork, greater harmony and higher morale at the workplace.

Team Building for Results

Do you have a new team, or work with a group of people and need to build them into a first class team? If so, then this is the training program for you.

In this fast moving one-day training course you will hear about, and practise, new innovative techniques to build sound, dependable and high performing teams. A useful diagnostic tool will also be demonstrated so that you can use it with your team members. The Team Building for Results training program will produce great results for both the Public and Private sectors in Hong Kong.

Effective Teamwork

Upon completion of the Effective Teamwork workshop, training course participants are expected to:

  •   State the roles and responsibilities of a manager
  •   Understand the importance of managerial role in ensuring quality results delivery
  •   Acquire the basic skills of listening, questioning and responding for communication success
  •   Recognize basic principles in handling difficult communication situations
  •   Acquire basic skills in delegation, clarifying expectations and establishing accountability

Developing Team Effectiveness and Collaboration

As organizations become more flat and less hierarchical, team working is quickly becoming the preferred practice in many firms today. Since teams by necessity involve people with different background and talents, effective team work involves a variety of management, facilitation and communications skills. It also requires team members to collaborate with each other.

The purpose of the Developing Team Effectiveness and Collaboration training program is to explore some key elements needed in good team building, and to provide participants with the skills and techniques required to both lead and contribute to good team work. Skills learnt in this Hong Kong training course will help participants build their own teams at the workplace.

Leading a High Performance Team

The growing competition and rapid changes in today's business environment requires the support of high-performance teams with well-educated and highly skilled members. Such teams require a new breed of leaders who are motivational, action-based, and results-driven. These leaders do not need to coerce their team members to perform, but can create an environment in which people want to perform.

The purpose of this Leading a High Performance Team Hong Kong training course is to provide participants the skills and techniques to lead others in a teamwork environment. Through discussions, games and exercises, participants will learn how to lead a high performance team in order to achieve a common goal while also developing its individual team members.

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