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Business Consulting Skills for IT Professionals

Introduction to "Big Data" Concepts

The System Requirements Journey

IT Project Management

Business Consulting Skills for IT Professionals IT專業人員的業務諮詢技巧

IT professionals today need to have excellent technical skills, but they also require excellent business and consulting skills. These include:

  •  Industry knowledge for the business they work for
  •  Understanding of the concepts of business acumen
  •  Understanding of their organisation's culture
  •  Being capable of providing a business solution
  •  Having a strong customer focus
  •  Developing excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  •  Working in teams to solve problems
  •  Ability to analyse problems, information, data and make recommendations

The Business Consulting Skills for IT Professionals training course / seminar Hong Kong is designed to demonstrate how commercial consulting practices can assist internal IT groups to deliver superior IT solutions to its customers. The HK training program includes many examples based on the presenter's extensive experience as a commercial IT Consultant, and includes workshops with case studies to allow participants to reinforce the skills learned.

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Introduction to "Big Data" Concepts 大數據基本理論課程

In today’s dynamic world of digital connectivity anywhere and everywhere, we are constantly bombarded with an avalanche of information from millions of global sources. This has led to information overload, with Petra-bytes of data being transferred through the global networks daily.

It now becomes a challenge to sift through the huge amount of data accumulating at an increasing pace, in order to gather useful information and valuable insights for meaningful decision making. Henceforth, there is an increasing need for knowledge and skills, to organise the data and provide the useful analysis required for decision making, especially for businesses.

This short Hong Kong Introduction to Big Data Concepts training course teaches the process for discerning relevant data and information sources, and organising the information for the required analysis to facilitate better decision making.

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The System Requirements Journey 系統要求理論和方法

An accurate and acceptable requirement specification remains the most critical element in deploying new technology. Research has shown that mistakes made during this phase is the most common cause for IT project failure.

Mistakes made during the requirements gathering and design phase can lead to:

  • Scope creep
  •  Critical functionality being left out
  •  False assumptions being made
  •  Flaws in design
  •  Wrong solutions being selected
  •  Project overruns

The System Requirements Journey training program in Hong Kong takes course attendees through the Requirements Analysis process of a project.

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IT Project Management IT 項目管理

There are many Project Management methodologies. This training course differentiates itself from other more “standard” Project Management courses, by dealing with the specific challenges in managing HK based IT Projects. The training course identifies why so many IT projects fail, and demonstrates how the adoption of best practice techniques can avoid and overcome many problems that Hong Kong IT project managers face. The training program uses “real-life” IT case studies for participants to study and practise their newly learned techniques. It includes case studies, discussion forums, group exercises, and the provision of many "take-away" examples.

This short Hong Kong IT Project Management course is designed for new and experienced project managers, wanting to understand best practice approaches in managing IT Projects.

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