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CEL In-House Training and Development programs, comprising seminars and workshops. Professional coaching programmes and training courses delivered on-site, for any organization or corporate, by expert CEL provider trainers, hand-picked for their expert knowledge and proven ability to teach and coach others. Delivering customised courses will enable your staff to learn about problems, systems and real-life situations in a focused manner. Training programmes are executed at a time, location and pace that suits your work schedule. Entire teams or departments can be trained at the same time.

We take care of all logistical arrangements and administration. You select the training programs to suit your needs - we will provide the course materials, as well as associated resources, to make your in-house training event a success.

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Team Building and Team Management Training Programs
Seminars and Workshops

Team Building and Leadership - Building up an ideal team is not such an easy task. It involves building up consensus, value, skills, knowledge, etc., amongst team members not to mention team leadership which is critical to the team building process. This corporate team management training workshop focuses on various aspects of leadership as well as building up successful teams, and an interactive approach is adopted so that participants can experience sensationally of how a successful team can be built up.

Team Building and Team Training - As corporate organizations become more flat and less hierarchical, team working is quickly becoming the preferred practice in many firms today. Since teamwork involves people interacting with one another, it makes sense to learn by participating in interactive activities. This training program adopts an experimental approach enabling participants to learn how to build up a corporate team and work with others. Skills learnt in this training program will help participants build their own teams at the workplace.

Developing Team Effectiveness and Collaboration - Purpose of this training program is to explore some key elements needed in good team building, and to provide participants with the skills and techniques required to both lead and contribute to good team work. Skills learnt in this training program will help participants build their own teams at the workplace.

Leading High Performance Teams - Examines what it takes to lead an effective team and how you can get the best out of the people in it by understanding the role of leader, both personally and from the point of view of corporate team management.Click Here!

Leadership and Business Management Skills Training Programs
Seminars and Workshops

Leadership Development Series : Master Classes - These "Master Classes" are derived primarily from consulting assignments undertaken in the Asia Pacific region. All topics included involve case studies,  backed by related practical experience, and are delivered in an engaging as well as interactive style.

Making Leadership Impactful - Training program draws out leadership experiences and methodologies that showcases impactful leadership. It incorporates leadership assessment and leadership sharing opportunities for the program participants. The Master Class is for senior management as well as for managers who have oversights on corporate leadership development.

Innovations in Leadership (Process-Focused Approach) - Training program will provide the critical processes needed to be an effective modern leader in any corporate organization, within either the Public or Private sector. This is a unique opportunity to master the latest techniques and processes that will make a difference - you can use these powerful techniques yourself or for showing to others.

The Key to Engaging Your Workforce - A practical one-day motivation training workshop to help corporate team leaders, supervisors and managers create a more dynamic, loyal and engaged workforce to support the business growth in the dynamic environment. This program is designed specifically to help the people manager understand what their team members want and to provide them with a starting point for creating champions.

21st Century Sun Tzu Leadership - Training program participants will learn how to apply Sun Tzu leadership concepts to create an edge in their organizations by aligning the efforts and talents of different generations of the workforce. The program examines how leaders can tap into some timeless wisdom to help them lead and meet the challenges in today’s business environment.

Leadership Skills in a Multi-Cultural Environment - Training program provides leaders and leaders-to-be the necessary skills to carry out their work effectively, especially in a cross-cultural environment.

Strategy Design and Implementation - Training program introduces the science of strategy development and implementation with practical tools and insights driven from client implementation. It bridges the science of strategy with the art of strategy - how engagement and change deliver value. The training program is designed around sub-topics that cover essential ingredients and best practices.

Mastering strategy and Turning Strategy and Objectives into Action - This practical training program is about getting things done. Be it strategic action, corporate objectives or tasks from appraisal ─ this program will show you how to do it. The program is suited to anyone in a supervisory or management role who need to get work done through others, even if they do not report to you directly.

Marketing Creativity - Consumers, retailers and suppliers are demanding more creativity and innovation across every marketing activity. This business training program combines creativity and marketing in a fresh, new way.

Managing Change - Accomplishing change management is both an art and a science. It is a process consisting of specific events where techniques and discipline in application come into play. This one-day comprehensive training program offers participants key insights on change management, and coaches corporate executives to pick up valuable skills in managing the changes in their organisation.

Leading Change with Impact - Training program provides corporate leaders with strategy and tools to plan for as well as manage change in a positive manner.

Influencing and Negotiating for Win-Win - People often fail to negotiate properly because they engage themselves into a win-lose situation due to lack of trust, or fail to communicate properly and persuasively. The purpose of this training program is to provide the knowledge, skills and techniques to influence and negotiate with others in work situations.

Negotiation Workshop for Merchandisers : Ensuring the best deal every time - Purpose of this training program is to provide the knowledge, skills and techniques for merchandisers. The program will examine an effective strategy in price negotiation, as well as the process and techniques involved in persuasive communication.

Coaching for Excellence - Training program aims to equip corporate executives with the necessary skill-sets, tools, techniques and background information to become good coaches to their direct reports and peers in their organisation. It integrates group work, discussions and role plays with content knowledge.

Leveraging Strengths, Supporting Weaknesses - Purpose of this training program is to provide a methodology and a set of tools to enable corporate leaders to identify as well as match subordinates’ strengths to tasks, and to help subordinates to identify and develop possible blind-spots.

Driving Change in Organisations - Training program offers practical insights when driving any form of change in an organisation covering structure, process, people and culture management. The Master Class is for active corporate executive practitioners of change management or senior management who have oversights on transformation.

Institutionalising Excellence in Organisations - Training program showcases the need for corporate management systems and organisation-wide processes to capture and embed excellence in organisations. It will showcase a landmark client engagement work that brings out excellence in people. The Master Class is for active practitioners of operations as well as senior executive management who have oversights on process excellence.

Creating Organisational Effectiveness through Work force Planning - A very practical training program, featuring the latest innovations, methodologies and software needed for workforce planners, as well as efficiency planners, who want to save costs and maximise efficiency from their workforce.

Techniques to Significantly Improve Organisational Effectiveness - Training program is suitable for anyone who has direct or indirect responsibility for improving processes, the organisation, the department, productivity or creating value from the organisation. In this very practical, hands on program, not only will you find out what can make a real difference, but you will be able to do it, thus making implementation at work much easier. This training program will aid any organisation, in either the public or private sectors, to be measurably more effective.Click Here!

Communication Skills Training Programs
Seminars and Workshops

Effective Presentation Skills - Training workshop will address the factors that affect how confidently the presenter delivers any presentation. It offers simple, easy to practise tools to help participant cope with nerves, get one’s message across memorably for the best impact and present to audiences of varied sizes.

Effective Communication Strategies - Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to talk with some people and so easy to talk with others? Can you recall an occasion where you met someone for the first time and immediately liked that person? Something about the individual made you feel comfortable. A major goal of this training workshop is to help participants understand the impact that their communication skills have on other people. They will also explore how improving these skills can make it easier for them to get along in the workplace, and in life.

Storytelling for Engaging Presentation - Storytelling is your most powerful means of communication. It connects people. The most successful presenters are storytellers, by mastering business storytelling skills to achieve business results. After attending this training program, course participants will be able to - build engagement and inspire people to take action; master storytelling techniques in business presentation; understand your audience and match your stories relevant to their experience and interests; apply emotional power to the stories by eye focus, voice, posture and gestures to have a much better chance of resonating with the listeners; master the art as a good communicator to incorporate storytelling seamlessly into “best and natural style”.

Communicating and Writing Clearly to get Results - Training workshop coaches, develops and fine tunes smart oral and written communication practices in being clear, concise and concrete. The training program participants will master a key communication principle – WIIFM (What’s In IT For Me) - to influence audience attention, engagement and commitment in speaking and in writing. Click Here!

Sales and Selling Skills Development Training Programs
Seminars and Workshops

Sales Presentation Skills - Sales training program will coach you to ensure that you connect with the audience, create the right business impression and deliver stronger, more powerful sales presentations.

Retail Selling Skills - Modern retail selling is a professional discipline. In a highly competitive environment it is essential to differentiate ourselves, and for brands the quality of the sales team is critical. By acquiring such knowledge, company productivity will improve and auditors who perform sales duty will be motivated, thus resulting in better overall financial return. This sales workshop training program aims to provide course participants with a knowledge framework on professional retail selling as well as opportunities to practice these sales skills interactively.

Consultative Selling Skills Workshop - Consultative selling is an important skill to generate business in a highly competitive international environment. Not only does one need to differentiate oneself from a brand perspective, the quality of the sales team is critical in making a difference in the sales and servicing process. By acquiring the gist of this knowledge, local and international company productivity will be improved. Sales personnel will be more motivated because of a higher closing rate, and thus receive better financial return. This sales workshop training program aims to provide participants with a knowledge framework on consultative selling skills while providing the opportunities to practise these sales skills interactively.

The Art of Sales Coaching  銷售輔導技巧 - Being an outstanding sales person and managing a sales team requires different sets of skills and attitudes altogether. Yet, many sales managers are not equipped with right tools to get better results from an otherwise talented sales team. Using insights in what probably is the earliest leadership guidebook known in history, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, we can learn from time-tested observations of ancient battlefields and apply them in today's business battles.

The Art of Sales Negotiations  戰略談判 - Training program is created as a result of 1-to-1 coaching with sales people from a variety of industries across 19 cities in Asia, based on tried-and-proven techniques that has been applied to many business situations worldwide. This programme has been tried, modified, and re-tested to make sure that it delivers results for sales people, including those in the Chinese context.

Key Account Selling  大客戶銷售 - Training program was created as a result of 1-to-1 coaching with key accounts sales people from a variety of industries that involve complex key account situations across 13 cities in Asia. This programme has been tried, modified, and re-tested to make sure that sales people deliver sustainable business results for customers, especially in the Asian context. The training program outcomes are to ensure that course participants understand and anticipate key accounts' business needs so as to grow the account for the future; understand and build strong relationships with influential people of key accounts; allocate the right roles for each key account team member to service the key account as a team.

Key Account Management - Providing outstanding services to retain key accounts is vital, and turning this customer asset into value can be highly beneficial for a corporation. The objective of this training program is to provide the necessary understanding and skills for executives to manage their key accounts effectively. By attending this sales training course, participants will learn about the fundamentals of account management; role of the account manager; managing the relationship; building long term commitment; successful strategies for account development.

Psyche-Selling  銷售攻心術 (how to get into the minds of customers and make the sale) - Training programme is created as a result of 1-to-1 coaching with sales people from a variety of industries across 13 cities in Asia. This programme has been tried, modified, and re-tested to make sure that it delivers results for sales people, especially in the Asian context.Click Here!

Financial Skills Development Training Programmes
Seminars and Workshops

Finance for Non-Finance Managers - Training programme aims to explain tools and concepts for analyzing financial statement and evaluating business investment decisions. You will learn methods that will help you assess the financial health of your department, measure your financing needs, determine budgets and investment proposals, as well as how you should finance them.Click Here!

Project Management Skills Development Training Programmes
Seminars and Workshops

Project Management Workshop - Training programme provides participants a comprehensive overview of the processes, skills, tools and techniques required to lead a project. Through a series of simulated exercises, games and discussions, training programme participants will experience the joy and benefits of applying a proven methodology to project management.

IT Project Management - Training programme differentiates itself from other more 'standard' project management courses, by dealing with the specific challenges in managing IT Projects. The programme identifies why so many IT projects fail, and demonstrates how the adoption of best practice techniques can avoid, as well as overcome, many problems that IT project managers have to face. The course contents are designed for new and experienced project managers wanting to understand best practice approaches in managing IT Projects.

Leveraging the Human Side of Project Management - Successful establishment and implementation of projects is closely related to the leadership effectiveness of the project teams in the organization. Hence, it is vital to acquire the relevant skills to optimize the human relationship dynamics within the project team in order to achieve better result. This training programme aims to cover the ability of corporate leaders in leveraging the human side of project management through focusing on the critical soft skills required in managing a project successfully.

Managing Complex Large Scale Projects - Research shows that larger projects have a greater risk of failure. There is common belief that bigger projects have more risks, more issues, more steps to manage, and more things to go wrong. Is it merely that simple or are there other things at play here? This training programme discusses the characteristics of complex projects and why they hold so many challenges. It discusses a range of techniques and methodologies that are critical for large / complex project being a success.

Project Cost Planning, Estimating and Control - Advanced project cost planning, management and control skills are essential to enable project managers to systematically plan, manage and control costs and expenditures during the various phases of new projects. Failure to do so will result in cost overruns against the approved budget, which in turn results in schedule delays and project failure. This training program provides detailed instructions in the methods and techniques of project disaster recovery based on early cost and progress forecasts. These techniques will enable development of project recovery plans to serve as the basis for project completion, as well as to protect the organization in cases of litigation.Click Here!

IT • Web • Cloud Computing Training Programmes
Seminars and Workshops

Web Marketing Fundamentals - Potential of using the Web to digitally market businesses, products and services, regionally as well as internationally on the Internet, in a rapid and profitable manner is massive, 'if' done correctly. However, there are multifarious factors that need to be considered and leveraged for successful Web marketing to be accomplished. Training programme deals with important concepts and procedures of Web Marketing, and attendees will have the opportunity to experience the latest digital tools and techniques currently used by successful Web based enterprises.

Web Application Testing : Principles & Practice - Training programme addresses fully the issues related to Website applications testing. It provides attendees with the knowledge as well as practical skills to identify, plan and carry out different forms of Web-based applications testing; these include significant functional, security and performance tests.

Web Application Security : Hacker Attacks & Defence - Training programme attendees learn how Website hacker attacks occur, identifies Web application attack categories, and the hacking training workshops demonstrate various Web application security tools and techniques to test as well as defend Websites from exploitation of Web applications security vulnerabilities.

Cloud Computing for Business and IT Professionals - Foundational training program on the important topic of "Cloud Computing". The training workshop provides a practical, hands-on overview of this fast moving technology across three layers - software, platforms and infrastructure - benefiting those organizations who are considering adoption of the Cloud Computing approach to their IT operations. On completing this Hong Kong Cloud Computing training seminar, program attendees will be able to evaluate as well as effectively deploy Cloud based computing environments and applications.

Cloud Computing Systems : Analysis and Testing - in-depth training program deals with important aspects of Cloud Computing Systems Analysis and Testing, empowering attendees to comprehensively assess Cloud Computing based system implementations involving significant threats and risks, important security features, testing and solutions, as well as essential performance characteristics and assessment.

Introduction to Big Data Concepts - Big Data is a significant issue in today’s dynamic world of digital connectivity anywhere and everywhere, where we are constantly bombarded with an avalanche of information from millions of global sources leading to information overload, with daily Petra-bytes of data being transferred globally. Hence, there is an increasing need for knowledge and skills, to organize the data and provide useful analysis required for decision making, especially for businesses. This training programme teaches a basic concept that allows easy grasp and appreciation that would allow the target audience to understand their needs and influence the design of process and tools required.Click Here!

Personal Effectiveness Development Training Programmes
Seminars and Workshops

Embracing Feedback - An essential ingredient in cultivating a learning environment is to encourage staff to develop a positive and open mindset for feedbacks. The purpose of this training course is to provide the necessary skills for people to receive feedback from others while enhancing one’s self-worth. The result is a happy workforce and an organisation that learns and grows every day.

Going for Excellence - Training program focuses on core topics of motivation and engagement of both management and employees in organisations with practical insights shared on client engagement experiences. The Master Class is for active practitioners of HR or senior corporate management who have oversights on Human Capital / Organisational Development / Learning & Development.

Business Etiquette - Mastering good business etiquette is a valuable skill-set that will make one stand out from others, enhance chances of success and smoothen customer relationship to boost business bottom-line. This training programme will help participants to act professionally as well as exercise proper manners to create a memorable impression for business success.

Etiquette Training for Technical Professionals - Training programme enables course participants to learn the secrets of people communication. This programme will help participants act professionally as well as exercise proper manners in workplace expectations related to professionalism and business etiquette.

Proactivity and Assertiveness - Training program clarifies why one needs to be proactive in today’s business environment; develop a habit for being proactive; identify one’s own comfort zone in communication; inform, persuade, control and coordinate assertively.

DiSC® Training - DiSC® is the leading personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. The DiSC® model provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviours with others. This can be within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationship. DiSC® is non-judgmental and helps people discuss their behavioural differences.

7 Thinking Tools for Generating Extraordinary Ideas - The purpose of this training programme is to provide course participants with 7 thinking tools to help them generate extraordinary ideas, and turn these ideas into actions.

Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving - Discussions, demonstrations, role-plays, mini-lectures, exercises, case studies involving the analysis of the causes of and implications to a problem, exploring options to resolve a problem, assess solution options, and make decisions.

Projecting a Positive Professional Image - Mastering the art of professional business image and personal branding can adapt dynamically to meet the needs in different situations, allowing oneself to dress and groom the unique best, confident and professional. This training workshop can help course participants recognize image details that distinguish oneself from the competition.

Dealing with Difficult or Challenging Conversations and People - Most senior corporate staff sooner rather than later encounter non-co-operative subjects, managers that challenge their work or staff that don't want to listen. This training course gives you nine (9) core strategies that you will learn through role-play that shall keep you in the driving seat.

Answering Tough Questions on the Spot - There are many occasions when business professionals need to respond to questions on the spot, whether they are presenting in front of a large audience, or talking to a client. Knowing what to say and how to say it given little time to prepare and organize one’s thoughts is one of the most challenging moments for many people, including experts in their fields. This workshop provides a set of tools and techniques to enable participants to face moments when they need to think on their feet.

Handling Challenging Situations through Hi-Impact Communication - Training course provides all staff members the skills required for dealing with disagreements and difficult situations in a productive way. Acquisition of such skills will help corporate staff members communicate with greater clarity and effectiveness, and deal with challenging situations more effectively.Click Here!

Human Resources Development Training Programs
Seminars and Workshops

New Skills for Getting New Results from Existing HR Process - Training program is suitable for anyone in a management or supervisory role in HR, those wishing to capitalise on the benefits associated with HR as a business partner, as well as those who are building a career and really want to know what potential HR has to offer in either the Public or Private sectors, including any existing personnel wishing to upgrade their skills.

Upscaling the HR Function - Training program highlights cutting edge thinking and practices that level up HR (Human Resource) to play an effective and impactful Business Partner in Organisations. It will also showcase HR restructuring work done with clients. The Master Class is for active practitioners of human resource who have attained broad HR exposure.

New Workforce Planning - Training program features the latest innovations, methodologies and software needed for the manpower planners and efficiency managers of the future.

Successful Interviewing - Recruitment and the selection process is one of the key management tools. In this training program you will learn the latest techniques covering all of the nine (9) critical part of the process. Not only will you learn about behavioural-based program for successful recruitment  – you will also be able to do successful recruitment using a process approach.

Competency-based Performance Management System - Competency-based HR Systems has been one of the cutting edge practices that have been identified with human capital management. Competence models are the foundational elements that help HR practitioners to enhance human performance within their organizations, since such models provide clarity and evaluation of the qualities of the workforce. This training programme links the usage of competency models with the Performance Management Systems and extending it to the Rewards System where performance meets compensation.Click Here!

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