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Handling Difficult People

Dealing with Difficult People and Complaints

Managing Conflict and Disagreement

Handling Difficult People 處理刁難客戶的技巧

Who are some difficult people to work with? They may be your customers or long standing clients who have unrealistic expectations of you. They may be your co-workers who have a different work style or different interests. To uphold productivity and integrity, you need to take up the challenge to manage these difficult and sometimes unhappy, angry as well as nasty people. You may have to tap into your best interpersonal skills while you problem solve whenever resolving bad problems, possibly face-to-face.

The Hong Kong training course Handling Difficult People aims to develop the participants' confidence in handling difficult people, bad customers and upset clients with their challenging complaints and hard disagreements, including anger. HK attendees of this short conflict management training seminar will be coached in top class solutions to practise professionalism in the following scenarios:

  •   Staying calm under challenging pressure
  •   Communicating assertively
  •   Analysing bad problematic situations
  •   Applying relevant methods to resolve conflict

Dealing with Difficult People and Replying to Complaints 有效地應付刁難顧客和回應投訴

Dealing with difficult people and replying to their complaints can be very hard as well as stressful. However to be successful, enterprises should view such challenging situations as a means to turn bad crisis into good opportunities by rebuilding trust as well as establishing best personal relationship with unhappy or difficult people to deal with.

The Hong Kong training workshop Dealing with Difficult People and Replying to Complaints will develop the program participants skills to deal with nasty clients or unhappy customers, replying to their complaints with efficiency, fairness as well as courtesy, possibly face-to-face. The attendees of this short HK conflict management training program will be coached in the following skills:

  •   Forming an objective mindset in complaints handling
  •   Speaking an assertive language
  •   Creating impact with body language and vocal elements
  •   Managing bad emotions
  •   Analysing difficult behaviours
  •   Adapting communication styles for hard people
  •   Applying tools to transform conflict
  •   Responding to complaints in writing
  •   Practising a business-like yet reader-friendly style

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Managing Conflict and Disagreement (NLP Way) 衝突和分歧管理工作坊

Motivate Self and Others with Calm Emotions, use the Right Method and Influential Language to Engage Others for a mutually Satisfying Outcome

Being able to focus positive energy on work results, enhances good business efficiency and job satisfaction. The Managing Conflict and Disagreement training workshop will develop Hong Kong program participants' mind-set as well as skill-set with top class NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) concepts as follows:

  •   Become informed of how NLP principles work
  •   Engage others through trust building
  •   Nurture open attitude in viewing differences
  •   Define components of emotional intelligence
  •   Learn to manage emotions of self and of others
  •   Learn Verbal, Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic language

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Hong Kong Conflict Management Training : Managing People Complaints & Bad Disagreements + Handling Angry & Difficult Customers + Unhappy Clients. Coaching + Courses + Seminars + Workshops in HK and China by CEL Provider of Short Conflict Resolution Training Classes

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