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Cloud Computing Systems - Analysis and Testing

Cloud Computing for Business and IT Professionals

Cloud Computing Systems - Analysis and Testing (Hands-On)

Cloud Computing represents a fundamental shift in the acquisition and implementation of remote computing operations involving networks, operating systems, software applications, databases, data storage, etc. It provides on-demand, real-time network access to scalable shared computing resources that can be physically located anywhere.

Cloud Computing in Hong Kong creates new opportunities as well as new risks. The challenge is to meet the expectation of fast delivery of new computing system functionality, while maintaining full control of system availability, optimum security and high performance.

This is an in-depth training course dealing with important aspects of Cloud Computing Systems Analysis and Testing, empowering the Hong Kong seminar attendees to comprehensively assess Cloud Computing based system implementations involving significant threats and risks, important security features, testing and solutions, as well as essential performance characteristics and assessment.

The hands-on Cloud Computing training course is suitable for IT professionals who need to acquire the technical knowledge, as well as experience practical issues, related to Cloud Computing Systems Analysis and Testing. Training course attendees will learn about Cloud Computing Systems encompassing:

  •   Salient Cloud Computing Features
  •   Significant Cloud Computing Threats and Risks
  •   Important Cloud Computing Security Characteristics
  •   Essential Cloud Computing Performance Assessments
  •   Cloud Computing Analysis and Testing - Latest Tools + Techniques

Cloud Computing for Business and IT Professionals (Hands-On)

This is a foundational training course, for Hong Kong Business and IT Professionals, on the important topic of "Cloud Computing". The Hong Kong training workshop provides a practical, hands-on overview of this fast moving technology across three layers - software, platforms and infrastructure - benefiting those HK organizations who are considering adoption of the Cloud Computing approach to their IT operations. On completing this Cloud Computing in Hong Kong training seminar, attendees will be able to evaluate as well as effectively deploy Cloud based computing environments and applications.

This introductory Cloud Computing course is suitable for all business and IT professionals who need to acquire essential technical knowledge, and experience practical implementation issues, related to Cloud Computing. Training course attendees will learn about the principles of Cloud Computing encompassing:

  •   Cloud Computing - Service Models
  •   Cloud Computing - Application Scope
  •   Cloud Computing - Opportunities and Risks
  •   Cloud Computing - Virtualization Techniques
  •   Cloud Computing - Reliability and Resilience
  •   Cloud Computing - Security and Privacy
  •   Cloud Computing - Usability and Performance
  •   Cloud Computing - Vendor Offerings

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